And though it's nonsense, it has method.
Which is the case with finer works than this one, and therefore an
excuse for its invention. Because who would, in our times, maintain
that nonsense and method are incompatible?
Yet here we must tread lightly since senseless, as everybody knows,
won't wash with nonsense.
Not at all.
The drawings themselves are old, very old. Lost in the original, did
they survive by a lucky circumstance as photocopies. And old in this
case doesn't mean ancient, merely archaic within a lifetime. Because
they were conceived in the last century during the glorious Seventies:
halcyon years of love and peace for those still innocent.
To regain a measure of innocence, perhaps even all, is the possibility
offered in the eight drawings and their flighty comments. Which will,
it must be said, make only sense if the greedy little sirens and bogus
magicians, the fool's gold and the synthetic paradises (those
particularly) have begun to bore you.
More than you can say.
Maybe to death.
This, dear reader, is a coded but well-thumbed map with secret
pathways into the uncharted regions of your mind. You'll need a
moment to get your bearings.
Take heart!