you could be tempted to decode the Temptation, this is the red thread that will lead you through the
colourful maze : every detail, even the most insignificant, contains an ambiguity, a small hidden
meaning as part of a larger idea. Like certain Gothic cathedrals that seem to the perfunctory visitor
only a marvellous confusion of colours and forms, but are in fact complicated, precise and
immensely imaginative edifices of the mind, the Temptation too holds more than just a playful
jumble of archetypes and situations. A generous observer may even detect a faint reflection of
the glorious argot, or
Art Got, that could heave the artistic genius of this particular era into
regions which have never been reached again.

Parable, fairytale and symbol are as old as mankind itself. They meander like shimmering
glassbeads through the history of civilization, and those who took their time and threaded them on a
string in the proper order held in the end a gem in their hands that was more valuable than all the
gold in the world. In other words: who would have suspected the Cretan Minotaur to be our inner
monkey that needs to be overcome?
You, esteemed reader?
If yes, take heart!
AD 1995 / 97