Lady with Unicorn   AD 2004
 The Unicorn is one of antiquity’s most valued luminaries, because those who managed to win its
trust regained the innocence that is necessary to unlock the most important secrets of Creation. In this
painting the young lady has succeeded to do so, and as a result could entirely disqualify a type of
ridiculous lore which states that Adam and Eve were kicked out of Paradise because they dared to eat
from the forbidden fruit. Which, by the way, had been presented to them by the Devil in disguise of a
snake. As it is, she has sequestered the apple and can actually recline on it, since it is so big. The serpent
meanwhile looks somewhat annoyed about him, because the Tree of Life is ablaze and a Phoenix rises
once again from its ashes. Lastly it may be said that the Unicorn has been created as an artistic
representation of our
Gentle Redeemer and is therefore a symbolic exemplification of the first magnitude.