The Frame
    Contrary to the painting, its Frame must be read clockwise. According to ancient lore,
which is by common consent only as reliable as you want it to be, human history on this
lovely planet has been divided into a cycle of four stations or seasons: the Golden Age as
represented by the sun, the Silver age as represented by the moon, the Bronze age as
represented by the Star and the Iron age as represented by the Four Horsemen of the

Looking at the world as it presents itself today, the notion makes perfect sense. Yet nobody
can be sure that all is lost. Therefore it depends on the good forces among humankind if the
prediction will come to pass or not.
The Cyclic Cross of Hendaye, France
(photos on the left and right are old and from a time before it was removed to its present
position by some foolish officials who never had the faintest idea what this magnificent
parable is all about)