The Flowers of Good and Evil  AD 2010
How to portray a mood of helpless exposure to the faintest emotional counter current, of prostrate
vulnerability, of puking nausea, of utter desolation, of nameless and endless fear? As in this
painting, perhaps. Whereby it is important to mention why the sad state of affairs has come about
in the first place. Here it was triggered by the Flowers of Evil as depicted at the base of the
mouth harp: Cannabis, Cocaine, Opium and the like, but also hideous human inventions like
Crack and Ecstasy that blow a young mind to smithereens in no time at all. Which has clearly
happened to the poor bastard who perches so precariously on the instrument’s long tongue
while burning the candle of life from both sides. Can he be saved? Maybe. But if not, and in
case he opts for an overdose as the only way out, he may do so with a last glimpse at what he
has once so carelessly discarded for a few delirious kicks: a world as sane and beautiful as the
young goddess called Health that stands so surefooted on the Flowers of Good.