The Advance of the Dunes   AD 1996
Oil on canvas  100 x 100 cm
The young lady who stands next to a cage containing the known Universe is called Nature. She thinks Creation into
existence, manifold and beautiful as expressed in the mass of flowers that surround her. Her expression is rather sad and
her gaze turned inwards, because dunes of yellow sand are slowly advancing, and with it a dark beast and its mindless
master. The nightingale calls out, loud and clear, but it needs to be seen if Mankind will heed  her warning. And while the
town by the sea is burning, the Just and Righteous escape with a ship under full sail.    

This painting is nearly twenty years old. At the time of its conception everybody was convinced that it would take only a
few more months before the last Polar Bear had died from a sunstroke. Yet as it is, the whole circus about global warming
seems to be only another scam by a bunch of greedy mountebanks and  entrepreneurs.