Diana von Pentz
I warmly greet the visitors of this
website. Please allow me to
briefly introduce myself. Born in
the Ukraine, did I receive there
my BA and MA in the
Humanities and the authorization
to work as a teacher and
translator (English). In Russia I
was able to complete my first
year as a doctoral candidate at
the Philosophical Department of
the University of Krasnodar, then
came to Germany with my
German husband and our little
daughter. Here I could
matriculate myself at the
Philosophical Department of the
University of Heidelberg. I am
writing my doctoral thesis on the
side and work full-time as an
employee in a law firm. It also
could be mentioned that I, as a
hobby so to say, have begun to
write a children's book in three
languages and to illustrate it
myself (Engl., Dt, Rus.) My
heart is involved in it and I very
much hope that it will bring
some happiness and good luck
to children. The first two
chapters are attached.

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