© Diana von Pentz  2020    Drawings by the Author
Chapter 1  A strange Package
There lives a goose somewhere in the world named Branta. She is very smart and even
knows how to read. One morning she took a walk in the meadow and admired the first
spring flowers. Suddenly a strong current of air blew into her back.
„Brantaaaa!”, someone called and the goose turned her head and saw that it was Aol
the wind.
„Hello, Aol!”, answered Branta. „I am glad to see you! But please do not blow so hard.
The dust will cover me again, and I have just cleaned my feathers. Do you have any
„Hello, my dear! Yes, I have news for you,” said Aol the wind. „I have been flying
over the mountains and forests, along the rivers and lakes. Suddenly I saw a small chest
with a letter on the lid. But I do not know for whom this package is. I can’t read”.
„How strange!” - Branta was surprised, - “Have you tried to look nearby? Maybe
somebody has forgotten it!”
„Yes, I have been looking around. But I did not find anybody. Let us fly there together
and I will show you everything”, suggested the wind Aol.
„Well, I will fly with you and we will see to whom is the letter addressed.”
The wind led the goose to the meadow and there stood the chest and the letter was
lying next to it. A sparrow named Ted sat on the chest.
„Hello, Branta!“, said Ted. „How glad I am to see you here! Can you read the letter
now? Aol the Wind and I can’t read it. I am so curious to find out what is written in it
and what is in the chest.”
„Hello, Ted!”, said Branta. „I am also happy to see you! But I think it is not a good
idea to read someone else’s letters”, said Branta a little indignantly.
„But can you look whose name is written on it”, asked Ted.
Branta went to the letter and looked at it. A yellow flower and a small key were glued
to the envelope.
„Aol!”, exclaimed Branta. „Just look here! It is written, that the sender is „You” and
the recipient is „I”!”
„Aol has already left us”, said the sparrow. „You know that the wind cannot stay in
one place too long. He did not even say goodbye. That is not nice of him! And is it
written there that the sender of the letter is Aol and the recipient is Branta?”
„No, Ted,” answered Branta. „It is only written there „You” and „I”. There are no
„So what are you waiting for? Open it!” ordered the sparrow.
„Well, since it is addressed to „I”, I will open it,” decided Branta and opened the
„What is written there, Branta? Speak up! I am so curious,” demanded  Ted
„How strange. It says: Take the key and open the chest,” said the goose surprised.
„But why does someone ask you to open the chest”, asked Ted.
“I don’t know, but I am curious to find out.”
Branta opened the chest with the key and suddenly there was a loud roar and
everything around them turned dark.
Chapter 2  The King of the Water
Suddenly Branta and Ted saw the light. This light turned out to be a yellow glowing
fish. She swam up to them and said: „I welcome you to the Water kingdom. Turn
around and say hello to Dolphin Dionysus. Don’t forget to thank him, he has put you
in protective bubbles. Now you can breathe under water.“
„Hello“, answered the birds.
„Greetings”, said the dolphin.
„Qui-i-i!“, twittered the sparrow while flying in his bubble. „Dionysus, thank you. It’s
so much fun to fly in a bubble. Branta, look at me!“
But Branta stood thoughtfully in her bubble, she could not understand what happened
and how she and Ted got under water.
„Follow the fish Aurelia, she will lead you to the Water-King. Aurelia, don’t be late,
we still have a lot to do,“ said Dionysus, wished everybody goodbye and went away.
„Wait, Aurelia!“  said Branta to the luminous fish. „Were you waiting for us? I do not
understand anything!“
„Branta, follow me with Ted. I will take you to the Water-King Poseidon, he will
explain everything to you,“ said the glowing fish.
„Branta, look how great it is to fly in a bubble!“ Ted could not calm down.
„I don’t know how you can have fun, Ted. Look what happened to us!“ exclaimed
Aurelia brought the goose and the sparrow to the Water-King, and she herself returned
to Dionysus.
„Greetings, Branta!“ said Poseidon. „How come you are not alone!“
„We greet you, Water-King“,  answered Branta and Ted  with one voice.
„Poseidon, please explain to us what’s going on“, demanded Branta. “Were you
expecting me? For some reason it seems to me that Aol is involved in all this“.
„Yes, Aol and I came up with a story about a parcel so that I could meet with you.
You got here through the magic box that you opened. Sorry, Ted, for accidentally
getting here with Branta“, said the king.
“No problem”, cried the sparrow, who had already begun to play with Aurelia's
„I have a request for you, Branta,” continued the King. „You are very kind and can
read. You will be able to complete my task“.
„Why should I fulfill your request“, asked the goose surprised.
„You can refuse, but first listen,“ offered Poseidon. „I have sent the wind Aol to get
me one book. He stopped in a field to rest and to admire the flowers, and left the book
near some dandelions. A little elf boy appeared and decided to have some fun with the
book. Wind Aol meanwhile talked with Jenny the Hen who looks after the boy.
Suddenly the boy disappeared together with the book. Now Jenny is of course  very
sad. As for the book, magic words and spells are written in it. After reading them, you
can find yourself in any part of the world. It turned out that the little elf can read.
Branta, I really need this book. Agree to bring me the book and save the boy“.
„I’m very sorry for the boy. And what is his name?“ asked Branta, „Why don’t you
go and look for your book and the elf yourself? Or send Aol?“
„The boy’s name is Lucas,“ answered the king. „I am the water king, I cannot walk on
firm ground. And Aol cannot read, he would not know which book to look for. What
have you decided, Branta?“
„I will help you, because I also want to save Lucas.“
„Great!“ exclaimed the king and handed Branta a roll of paper with a picture of the
book. „Now I will call my horse and he will lead you to firm ground and into the air
again. Don’t worry about Ted. He will wait for you here and be entertained
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