Got the crayons ready?
Hupert the Hippo
Ludwig the Lion
Cathy the Camel
Sandra the Seal
Edda and Eddy Elephant (accompanied by Harry the Heron)
Oskar the Ostrich
Wally the Weasel
Ginnie the Goat
Olga the Owl
Candice the Cow
Timothy the Tiger
Samantha the Snake
Gundula the Goose
Jamie the Jellyfish
And if you are still a bit small, this is an easy one...
Annabelle the Ant
Zambo the Zebra
Children’s Corner

Sometimes the world looks a bit grey and sad, especially in
the big cities. Therefore it is important to make people smile, and one
way to do this is giving things a touch of colour. Here you can have
a try, and if you love animals as much as I do, I’m quite sure you will
create a truly amazing and absolutely beautiful