Curriculum vitae
Manfred von Pentz was born in Germany. After an apprenticeship in the
Graphic Arts he hitchhiked to Greece and lived for a year on Ithaca and
Rhodes, then went to Paris, where he began to paint but stood no chance
against the mighty Modern Art monkeys and their sponsors. On return to
Germany he built with a partner the first psychedelic discotheque in Berlin,
sold his shares and moved to Amsterdam, where he purchased an old house
next to one of the canals. Participating vigorously in the happy flower-power
era, he published a guide with alternative news and practical information for
the hippies and freaks that came from all over the world to see the vibrant city.
After five years of this he felt an urgent need to sober up and so escaped to
rural France with his dogs. He bought a run-down farm, restored it all by
himself and in the process became sane and healthy again. Next he travelled
south, first to mainland Spain, then to the Canary Islands. There he lived for
nearly two decades, mainly because a lucky chance made him partake in the
massive tourist boom that had recently engulfed the lovely islands. At first
building pubs and restaurants and then entire bungalow parks, money came
rolling in and he finally was able to realize the dream of
his youth, namely to
become the skipper and owner of a square-rigged brigantine.
More than
hundred years old and
an absolute beauty, but somewhat rickety and worn out,
did she run one day on a drifting log and sunk without any loss of hands.
went by, he began to miss autumn and winter and also felt the need for
some cultural highlights, for which he went to Italy
. There he began to write
and to paint in earnest
and stayed for another twenty years. Two novels and
various articles in international publications were the result, also a  number of
surrealistic paintings. After a brief sojourn in France, destiny made him visit
Odessa in the Ukraine. There, during a performance of
La Traviata in the
magnificent opera house, he met his wife and incomparable Muse as depicted
Diana with luminous Objects. They lived in the Ukraine and in Russia, got
embroiled in the
Maidan-Coup and only just escaped to Germany while
leaving all their belongings behind.