The Birth of Aphrodite  AD 2009
Painted again and again, especially during the glorious Renaissance, Aphrodite (or Venus) has
kindled the imagination of  her admirers like no other goddess before. No wonder, since she is
the most wonderful gift of our generous Lord has handed down to humanity. Generally assumed
to ignite the passion between two lovers, is she in truth much more. Born in the Divine furnace
called compassion, did she became the epitome of love in general: love as a worldly attitude,
an eternal philosophy, an all-encompassing feeling , love for good, for truth, for justice. Love for
the sad and oppressed. Love for a star, a tree, a butterfly, a sunset, a flower, a robin, a beetle, a
hedgehog, a valley in the morning mist, a faithful dog, a smiling child, a warmhearted wife or
just for the Creator Himself.