Oil on canvas  100 x 100 cm
Birth of Aphrodite  AD 2009
Painted again and again, especially during the glorious Renaissance, Aphrodite (or Venus) has fired the imagination of
her admirers as no other Goddess before or after. Small wonder, since she is the greatest gift our generous Lord has
bestowed on Man. Generally held responsible for fanning the passion that consumes two lovers, she is in fact much more.
Because she was born in the Divine Furnace called Compassion, and therefore should be called Love with a capital L :
Love as a mundane attitude, an eternal philosophy, an all-encompassing sentiment. Love of goodness, of truth, of justice.
Love for the sad and downtrodden. Love for a star, a tree, a butterfly, a sunset, a flower, a robin, a beetle, a hedgehog, a
valley covered in morning mist, a dog, a child, a warmhearted woman, or simply the Good Lord Himself.