Advance of the Dunes  AD 2008
Oil on canvas 100 x 100 cm

A young woman is standing next to a cage containing the known Universe. She is called
Nature and thinks God’s Creation into existence, just like the mass of flowers that grow
out of her veil. Her expression is rather sad and her gaze turned inward, because slowly
dunes of yellow sand are advancing and with them a dark animal and its thoughtless
master. The nightingale calls out loud and clearly, but it is not certain that humanity will
follow its warning. And while the city by the sea is burning, the righteous escape with a
ship under full sail.

Note: This painting is about two decades old. At the time of its conception everyone
was convinced that it would only take a few months for the last polar bear to die from
a sunstroke. Yet it has turned out by now that a gang of liberal scoundrels hijacked  the
whole global warming concept and inflated it out of any proportion. Which does not
mean that the danger isn’t real.